Sustainable = Smart

We can help you save our planet…

- Made from natural materials
- Zero-waste production methods
- Water conservation
- Fair + safe labor conditions
- Biodegradable & compostable

Save Money

World-class design made affordable…

- Save staff time & energy
- No washing, no handling of breakables
- Better price than porcelain rental
- Lower transport & disposal costs
- Only buy what you use

Practical & Strong

Create and serve with confidence…

- Functional and sturdy
- Lightweight
- Microwave safe
- Freezer safe
- Steam-oven safe
- Compostable

Lasting Experience

Single use tableware that meets the highest standards…

- Aesthetic design
- Memorable presentation
- # Choice of Michelin star chefs
- Compliments your food service

Our Customer References

More than 500 successful projects

About US

Single use, lasting experience Natural Tableware is the # North American manufacturer & distributor of sustainable disposable tableware. 

Our products boast unrivaled style: superbly designed bagasse (sugar cane fiber), a broad range of plates, bowls and platters made from the leaves of palm trees, and wooden cutlery that puts plastic to shame!  

Try a meal served on our natural, compostable tableware – superb quality, convenience and cost efficiency – natural tableware that is merely borrowed from the earth.

Michael Powers / Director North America

Michael, a.k.a. Natural Tableware Guy, is a foodie and problem-solver.  He lives in the deep woods of the Pacific Northwest and makes every effort to tread lightly on our planet. 

Michael is keen to supply Natural Tableware to customers large & small, always thinking of creative ways to work with chefs, caterers, food service organizations, and just about anyone else who should be using compostable single-use tableware.