Hampi – The Hampi State of Mind

Hampi natural palm leaf plates are based on a simple but brilliant idea: use naturally shed leaves to create a whole range of natural tableware. The process uses no chemicals or waxes. It’s 100% natural.

The technique was developed in southern India, where recycling is a natural way of life. But being smart about using natural resource – and making the most of what nature has to offer – is a good strategy for anyone, anywhere.  Why?  Because mother nature doesn’t clean up after you. This is what we mean by a Hampi state of mind: have fun and enjoy yourself, but also be responsible for what you leave behind.

Sucadrops – Form & Function

The Sucadrops line was designed by Annelies Hermsen in close cooperation with working chefs to meet their specific needs. “Suca” stands for Sugar Cane, “Drops” stands for the simple, elegant form of the products. The orange color of the logo refers to the Dutch design

Chefs’ Freedom – Release Your Inner Chef

Chefs’ Freedom was designed to be used right-side-up & upside-down… follow your taste and instincts because Chefs’ Freedom will allow you to present your cuisine exactly as you like. Chefs’ Freedom is made from sugar cane fiber and is, of course, 100% compostable. This wonderful, flexible product is the most recent addition to Natural Tableware’s catalog, yet it has already been embraced by top chefs in Europe for use at their outdoor events and competitions

Aspenware – Wood is the new Black…

This amazing wooden cutlery gives silverware a run for it’s money, and puts plastic to shame. It looks good. It feels good. It’s strong and compostable. It’s made in Canada from old ice hockey sticks*. The clever two-ply construction and almost-imperceptable natural coating make Aspenware the best single-use utensil brand available anywhere. Have we mentioned how amazing Aspenware is?

*Aspenware is not actually made from old ice hockey sticks.  But it is made from wood – renewable aspen, poplar & birch grown in British Columbia, Canada.